Jerri Swari

My all time favorite breakfast that had and always will be is Jerri Swari. You wrap the Jerri inside a Swari and take that priceless bite. To taste the true taste of it, you will have to travel to the other side of the globe to Lalitpur, Nepal. There are many shops where you can find it but to get the best and fresh is to go early morning in the little galli(alley) of Eekha called Tichhu galli or in a small galli behind the famous Krishna temple in Patan Durbar Square called Mamaru galli. Both these places are located in Lalitpur. There in tiny shops, you will see the cook, deep frying the flour made tortilla called Swari in the ghee/oil or dipping the deep fried circular brown flower type Jerri, made with flour and yeast, into sugar syrup. The best way to eat this is with a fresh cup of milk tea that you can get in the shop itself. For all those sweet tooth people, this is by far the best way to start your day.

After the breakfast, you can stroll around Patan Durbar Square where you will
– see the morning worshipers heading towards Krishna Temple or Bhimshen Temple; women and children fetching water from the nearby stone made taps
– hear the beautiful sounds of bells ringing from the temples or worshipers enchanting songs
– feel the freshness of the air and calmness of the surroundings which is highly unlikely during the rush hour of the day

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