Woh Nacha?

Owner making famous wohs on big black pan. Photo taken from http://www.ecs.com

When you enter Kathmandu Valley, which consist of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, you will see a diverse background of people from Rais, Magars, Bahuns, Newars, Gurungs and many more. But, once it was a land of Newars – one of the biggest ethnic group in the country.  So, where else to go than in Valley for a true Newari food.

Before you start scratching your head to pick one, let me tell you about one of the place that has been popular for decades. Like my previous posts, this is again, no fancy restaurant. Health and Hygienic freak should avoid this place. It is another hole in the wall without a name. I guess I am doing an exceptional job in giving you guys info on places with no names and directions based only on landmarks :). But, that’s what you should expect, if you want to try some true ethnic food in countries like Nepal.

To find this place, you have to go back again to Lalitpur behind Krishna Mandir at Patan Durbar Square. This is a dark, cavelike place in the corner. If you can not find it, ask anyone around. One of my favorite is their “woh” – similar to fried cake made of black lentils paste with egg  or egg and meat on top. This is one of their popular dish and the reason why they got their name. You can also try few of their other dishes to get a true taste of newari food. Furthermore, do not forget to try a home made rice wine at this place. It will add extra taste to the food.

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