Pokhareli memories

Thakali thali with dhedo
Thakali thali with rice

You can not be in Nepal and not try the traditional Nepali food of Daal Bhat. If you are in Pokhara and craving for some ethnic taste, then do stop by at Pokhara Thakali Kitchen in Lakeside, Pokhara. Their daal bhat combo comes with various options of vegetarian, lamb, fish, chicken etc.  Yes, it does not  just come with plain white rice (bhaat) and a lentil soup (daal) only.  Beside rice, lentil and choice of meat, it also comes with green veggie, choice of one more curry, pickle and small portion of salad. My mouth is already watering now. Check out the pictures and you will know what I am talking about.  If you are a health conscious person then you can also ask for Dhedo (made of different kinds of flours, ranging from wheat to millet, which is boiled until thick) instead of rice. And guess what? This combo also includes a glass of Chaang, white rice wine drink. Isn’t that a perfect way to finish your meal?

Once you have this awesome lunch, you can stroll around the streets of lakeside, window shop and admire the view of the lake as well as mountains. If you feel like having a cup of milk tea, you can go to a tea cart shop located right next to the big Pipal tree (Plaksha tree) on lakeside. I promise, you won’t miss the tree. You can enjoy your tea while sitting on the bench nearby.

Craving for some real fresh fish? Take a bus, taxi or ride a bicycle to a little village called Pame, about 25 mins drive from lakeside. Once you get there, go to a little restaurant called Duna Tapari. The view from its courtyard is awesome.  Try some of their deep fried fish and I am pretty sure, you would want to come back again.

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