If you want white Christmas, you make it happen

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It’s been almost a year, since I have permanently started living in Vancouver, BC. This is definitely lot different than sunny Los Angeles where I have lived for almost six years. For past Christmases, I have always wished for a white Christmas with snow/snowfalls, Christmas decorations on shops/streets, lights everywhere and I, myself, sitting inside the house drinking hot chocolates on Christmas day. In LA, it does not really feel like Christmas unless you go inside the mall. Finally, I thought my wish was coming true this holiday season.

1. Christmas decorations on the shops/streets: CHECK. Walking around downtown, Kitsilano and Commerical drive felt very holidayish with decorations everywhere and holiday music coming out from almost every shops

2. Hot Chocolates: CHECK. I was ready with a big jar of hot chocolate

3. Snow/Snowfall: ??. It snowed couple of centimetres few weeks ago. Hence, it was very promising for more snow during Christmas. But the rain beat the snow and all we got was wet wet Christmas eve and Christmas day.

On Christmas day, after having dinner with few family members, we decided to go in search of white Christmas. That means, snowshoeing up in the mountain. We chose Mt. Seymour as it is a short drive and has a gorgeous view from atop. After gearing ourselves in the warmest clothes we could find, we headed to Mt. Seymour. Upon arrival, we realized we were the only one in the whole freaking parking lot. Even though a little bit of fear went through our mind, we strapped ourselves with snowshoes/headlights and started hiking for 2.5km up in the mountain. It was a wonderful hike. There was snow everywhere and before we reached the top, it started snowing very lightly. The sky was crisp clear and we could see the whole city very clearly. It was absolutely breathtaking. We had packed a thermos full of hot chocolates and macaroon cookies. We enjoyed our treats while taking in the beautiful view, chit chatting and of course with couple of snaps.

2. Hot Chocolates: CHECK. I know it was not inside the house but that hot chocolates tasted so much better on that windy night

3. Snow/Snowfall: CHECK. The snow did not come to our doorstep, so went to the snow

Happy Holidays!!

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