Happens only in LA!!

As I look outside through the window from my room, I see the sun smiling at the city and a glimpse of beautiful snow capped mountains. Can’t believe it has been a year since I have moved to this beautiful city, my home for now. It was not that long ago when Los Angeles was my home. The place which I still consider my second home because of family, friends and all the fond memories I have from that city. Here are few of my favourites from my five.five years in LA:

1. A homeless guy fixing my car in a ghetto area somewhere in downtown

2. Flip flops and jeans to work (My Favourite!!)

3. Access to so many gorgeous beaches. Awww….how I miss the sound of waves and a perfect beach weather every day. Why ..oh why, did I not go to the beach every day when I was there?

4. Ample choices on asian food

5. Perfect weather

6. Getting stuck in freeways for hours and hours. 405 and 110 — I don’t miss you!

7. Authentic mexican food from Taco trucks

8. Cheap airfare from coast to coast with so many choices

9. Spicy Tuna with brown rice bowl from Bristol Farms. A perfect lunch meal!

10. Barley bubble tea


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