Join hands to help and pray for Japan

The news of nine-year-old Toshihito Aisaw’s search for his parents in various rescue centres across the tsunami-ravaged port of Ishinomaki, Japan brought tears to my eyes. I cannot even explain how much I admire his courage and hope. I have been following news of Japan’s earthquake, tsunami followed by threat of radiation from nuclear power plant for past week. Along this news, I have heard admiration on Japanese people’s calmness during this great disaster, their willingness to help, their cooperation, and no news of any traffic accidents, theft or looting, arguments or fight at the grocery store or gas lines. This brought back the famous quote in my mind “United we stand, divided we fall.” It looked like the whole country has come together to fight with this disaster and to hope every day, every hour, every minute for some good news. Hope — such a strong word, which gives us courage, ecouragement and a goal to take that extra step. Japanese people have set such a great example. I really do hope, the world learns something from this. Why fight with each other, why be jealous, why kill when you can join hands and work together for better future?

If you want to help Japan, there are several organizations that are taking donations:

Canadian Red Cross: http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=38380

Care Canada: http://care.ca/main/index.php?en&japanearthquake

Save the Children Canada: http://www.savethechildren.ca/2011-japan-earthquake-and-tsunami-update

Habitat for Humanity Canada: http://www.habitat.ca/hfhcnewsp4237.php?command=viewArticle&ID=33&currentFeed=1

Also, here is the link to Miss604 page that list various events happening in Vancouver to raise money for Japan disaster.

Lets pray and help Japan!

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