It has been a while since I have written my last blog. I have been posting pictures a day since april as part of my “365 Days – no rhyme or reasons” but have not been able to for last few days, as a matter of fact for last two weeks. Two reasons: technical difficulty and weather difficulty a.k.a raining.

I have been thinking for last few days on one simple thing? What is happiness? How do you explain happiness?
A child is happy, if he gets an ice cream
A high school student is happy, if he graduates.
A college graduate is happy, if he finds a job.
A job holder is happy, if he finds his perfect mate.
The list will go on…..

Does that have to be materialistic? Quantitative? Something that you see? Why can’t it be the inner happiness? Why we human being has to measure something so simple?

Shouldn’t we be happy with what we have instead of waiting to be happy for something we don’t have. Why do we wait? Why can’t we be happy for the clean water, a roof, warm clothing, and food? Some people are not even fortunate enough to get one let alone all.

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