10 Awesome stuffs

I was listening to Neil Pasricha in Ted.com, writer of “3 A’s of Awesome” and it prompted me to write my list of little things that delighted me over the past week. Here it is:

1. Trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast and realizing that I still have a cereal left for one more day. Time for grocery shopping!
2. Home cooked Korean food by a friend
3. 5% battery left on my phone. Enough to be able to listen to music while I walk for 20mins to get home
4. Being able to make the left turn before the light turns red. You know how stressful this can be when waiting to make that left turn
5. Nice cool shower on a hot day
6. Realizing that I still have some leftover in the fridge from the other day. That means no cooking needed….YESSSSSS
7. Cleaned dishes from the dishwasher
8. Finding out that my friend bought me my favorite color skirt. [I am not seeing her for 2 more months but knowing that she thought about me feels wonderful]
9. Being able to get connected right away without any hold time when I dialed that 1-800 number. Phew!!!
10. Found that sock that I thought I lost a month ago. I am not sure how my socks always get lost during laundry and somehow after months, it turns out. Where do they go hide?

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