Peace or Piece?

The recent terrorist attack in Mumbai, India hit little closer to the heart. It is not my hometown but it is closer to my home country, Nepal. It kept me thinking, are we ever going to be closer to Peace or will people still be fighting to get a Piece? Mother Teresa said ,”Peace begins with a smile.” But, how can we smile when such things like this happens? So many questions lingered in my head – What will happen to families who got affected? How many died? How many children became orphaned? Who did it? Why did they do it? How can someone justify doing this? There was probably someone in the crowd who was heading home to meet his family after long day at work, or someone who was heading to work to make some money for his family, or someone who just went out for a stroll. There will be so many stories. Is there even a God that exist up there who can watch all this?

My heart goes out to everyone who are affected by this horrible tragedy. Thinking that this is the country where Ghandhi lived, Mother Teresa served and Gautam Buddha received his enlightenment is little hard to digest right now.

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