24 hours with my twins

I decided to be one of my best friends’ +1 for the wedding and decide to attend the wedding in Portland. The whole point was just to spend time with her as I have not seen her for almost a year. Here was the whole ordeal:

1. Driving alone from Vancouver, BC to Portland Oregon = 6 hours + 2 hours in immigration + 1.5 hour in traffic

2. Missing the wedding but making to the reception to eat delicious food (I know my priorities)

3. A guy a.k.a stranger eating off of my plate because I wast going to throw away the steak (Weird!)

4. Dropping my precious camera and breaking the lens (Sad)

5. We booked one room in this guy’s house but we ended up getting the whole house as he was out of town (Sweet)

6. Making to the best breakfast ever and trying the pancake with peanut butter (Awesome)

7. Crawling to a cave like place, wearing skirts and flip flops (Bad Idea). Result – torn tshirt and a big scratch on the back

8. Tax Free shopping (Delightful)

9. Driving back to Vancouver very next day singing songs from Gaga, Delhi Belly, and Zindagi Milenge Na Dobara (Tiring)

10. Above all — Spending time with my Bestieeee even it was only for 24 hours — PRICELESS

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