Bucket List

This is what I accumulated from my trip

There were two things in my bucket list that I have been wanting to do for a while. Backpacking alone and exploring Europe. I have admired backpackers who travels alone and live off their little backpacks. And, exploring Europe. From movies to documenteries to stories that I have watched and heard, I have been wanting to step foot in any part of Europe. Yes, I have been to England but I do not think that is considered Europe.

Something always prevented me from doing these things,whether it be money, time or courage. Beginning of this year, I knew this year will be different. After not working for one full year, I finally decided to look for a job. Sigh of relief for my parents. They been thinking that I have gone crazy. I also decided that I will go to Europe as a b’day gift to myself, *if* I find a job. Looking for a job in a new country was not easy and I was getting discouraged. Finally, a month before my birthday, I get a part time job offer. Full time would have been helpful but part time was a blessing as well. On top of that, it was in the industry I wanted to work on. I told my work, I will start in a month and flew away within few days to countries I have never been to.

It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I wish it was longer but I will take whatever I got. Everything about it was wonderful. From planning the trip including booking tickets, hostels, ferries, buses and trains in two days to actually fitting everything that I need in my small backpack and setting off. I knew no one in the countries that I was about to set sail; it will be just Me, Myself and I for 2 weeks. My next few blogs will be about three countries that I went to. I know these blogs are little late but I had to start a new job few days after I got back. It took some time adjusting before I could actually sit down and start writing about my experiences.

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