Ya ssou

Greece was never a part of my Europe trip until few years ago when I watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. The place where the movie was filmed was beautiful and exotic. I just got hooked and I knew I wanted to go to Santorini one day.

The country turned out to be the best among the three I went to from place to food to people. Everything was amazing and I hope to go back there again.

So why I chose the following cities in Greece?

  • Mykonos: I was planning to go to Santorini but one of my greek friend told me I should go to Mykonos, if I am traveling alone. So, I just picked this Island without having any clue what to expect.
  • Athens: I was not planning to go to Athens but the same friend told me, I should go to Athens, if I am in Greece. It has a history and the culture that I would love.

What I remember from these two cities?


Sunset view from top of the village
  • I figured I will be able to get to my pension from the airport as I had done it in Spain. How wrong I was. It is a small Island with not a proper public transportation. Plus, there was a taxi strike the day I arrived. The owner of the pension was sweet enough to come pick me up
  • Loved my cute little pension. Just 50 steps away from St. Stefanos Beach
  • The sunset view from both the pension and top of the Island was just breathtaking. I don’t think I will ever get bored watching the big fireball slowly immersing into the ocean while the white village watches it. It was just breathtaking. I don’t think any words can describe it.
  • My companion everywhere: Mythos and Alpha beer. I was just surprised that I could buy beer anywhere and drink anywhere
  • The bus driver, who I befriended with and who made sure that I was dropped at the right station every day. Thank You!
  • The waiter at one of the restaurant at the little venice. Thank you for free wines. I got so drunk on my way back that night, I don’t think I would have made it to my pension, if it was not for the bus driver 🙂
  • Sleeping on the steps to my pension and watching the moon
  • 85 year old mama who owned the pension and Christina, her daughter-in-law who runs the place. Thank you for being so hospitable
  • Dipping in the warm ocean water or just laying on the sand with cool ocean breeze. Very relaxing!
  • Gorgeous white village with cobbled stone alleys and steps


Sweet memories outside this little church
Monastiraki Squre with a slight view of Acropolis
  • Athens was supposed to be just a stopover/detour but I had the best time here
  • Train ride to the hotel and finding a hotel was little confusing as I could not read the street signs
  • Loved the location of my hostel (steps away from Monastiraki Square) but did not like the fact that I had to climb 6 flights up to get to my room
  • Very friendly people everywhere
  • Thank you so much Giorgos for taking me around your city and showing me the real culture of Athens. Your city is lovely and I loved every moment of it. Loved the drink we drank (Forgot the name :/) – Hot ouzo + honey? My best part was seeing the whole city from that rock right next to the Acropolis. It was beautiful and peaceful like you said.
  • Thank you Yannis for showing me the Acropolis museum
  • Loved the view from Acropolis and just being there
  • Enjoyed spending time at Monastiraki Square and watching people while eating 2 euro gyros from near by shop with a can of Mythos — Priceless
  • Yogurt with honey for breakfast

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