Ciao Roma

“Under the Tuscan Sun,” “When in Rome,” “Italian Job” and so on. I know, I know, the first two movies are little sappy  but the way Italy is portrayed in those movies is beautiful. Italy was always a part of my list. Everything about it sounded wonderful. Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Verona, Naples, Rome — I wanted to go everywhere.

So, why did I go only to Rome?

On this trip, I wanted to make it atleast to Florence, Venice and Rome but due to some visa delays, I almost had to cut Italy out. It was little sad trying to take it out.  But then while searching for flights, it turned out that flying out of Rome will actually be cheaper than flying out of Athens. So, I decided to squeeze in few days in Rome. Something is better than nothing, right? Well of course, I did not take into account at that time the cost of flight from Athens to Rome, hotels and other miscellaneous expense. It acutally turned out to be more expensive than if I had flown from Athens :x. Still, I am happy to say that I got a taste of Italy. I know, I have to go back there again.

What do I remember from Rome?

  • Beautiful fountains
  • The fact that I can get fresh cold water from stoned fountains
  • Loved Piazza Navona at night. The square just lit up with arts from local artits, musicians playing their musics or singing, and many other street shows
  • Loved hanging out at the Pantheon and eating chilled gelatos
  • I was so tired walking around all day, I actually found a little corner at Fontana De Trevi. I fell asleep there for almost an hour. I can’t believe I did because when I woke up few passersby were looking at me with strange look. Yeah…it was very crowded there. Oh, and I did threw a coin there but not through the back of my shoulder. I did not know that I was suppose to do that. Lets see now if my wish will come true
  • Pasta, pasta, and pasta everywhere. Can’t believe no matter which restaurants you go to, you can pick any pasta blindlessly and get the best one you have ever tasted
  • Thanks Pathan (the bangladeshi waiter at one of the restaurant) who made me go to Vatican in the evening. I think the whole place looked even more beautiful and peaceful while the sun was setting in the backdrop.
  • Eating pizza from the street. I don’t even eat pizza but those street pizzas were delicious
  • While strolling around the streets near my hostel, I came across these two guys who were staying at the same hostel that I stayed in Barcelona. Such a small world!
  • Last but not the least, someone told me I should get a drink called grappa and lemoncillo. I thought there are some kind of cocktail drinks. So, when I saw a funny look on the waiter’s face after I ordered a plate of pasta and a glass ofgrappa. I knew I did something wrong. And, when a waiter brought a glass of grappa (more like a taquilla shot), I pretended that I knew what I was doing and drank that strong drink with my delicious pasta.
It was little sad to leave Italy and realize that it was the end of my trip. But, I had the best experience ever. Now when I look back, it all feels like a dream. Traveling alone and exploring the cities/countries that I have never been to was the best decision I have ever made. This just opened a whole new world to me and whole new opportunities and excitement awaiting for me. Europe I will be back. Ciao!

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