My first Marathon

On Sept 30, I did my first ever marathon. I have been wanting to do a marathon for a while but never got around it. Finally, I decided to do one this year in July & picked Bellingham Bay Marathon. Here are some of my thoughts:

Why Bellingham?
I wanted to do one this weekend and figured Bellingham is closer to Vancouver. So it will be an easy drive. Plus I heard it is a good route for beginners.

How much training?
I did pretty good for 2 solid months with running three times a week & strength training twice a week. Then after my longest run, I became very lazy. I may have run perhaps twice in two weeks leading to the race — Not good.

Things not to do before the race
As I was in US for the race & things are obviously cheaper there compare to Vancouver, I had planned a few hours of shopping a day before. Obviously few hours turned into several hours & I was shopping till 10 pm the night before — Not recommended. I woke up pretty tired on the race day.

What worked on the race day?
It was a perfect morning with beautiful weather. Not knowing the route made me look forward to what’s ahead of me & made the time go faster. Hydration centers every two miles & energetic gels were life savers. Last but not the least, this old gentleman (probably the oldest in the race – 76years) was giving Hi5 to everyone who was passing by him. Whoever you are, your spirit is very inspiring.

What did not work?
I wish they had more than one porta potty everywhere it was situated. Standing in a line is last thing you want to do in the middle of your run. Also, didn’t like the fact that you can see runners finishing on the other side when you are in mile 22. That’s when I hit my wall & when I saw the finishers on the other end, my energy level Judy dropped.

Overall it was a good race. I finished it in 5 hr 22 minutes. I was hoping it would be under 5 hrs but my target for this race was to finish the race, not be the last person and have no injuries. I succeeded in all three. I am happy that even without following a strict schedule & not being a avid runner, I was able to finish it. Now I look forward to more marathons in the future. Perhaps, BMO in May for next year :).

Congrats to all the runners who finished the race.

Here is a picture from Bellingham Herald


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