En amour avec Paris

I recently came back from my 4.5 weeks trip to Europe. Instead of boring you with “must see’ & “must dos”, I will put some of the memorable pictures and briefly write about some of my unforgettable memories.

Paris was my first stop for 10 days. I was little nervous due to language barrier. I have heard that people are not friendly if you do not speak french. But, I did have a totally different experience. People are friendly and they will talk to you in english. All you have to do is start your conversation with “Parlez-vous anglais?” There there and you are all set for rest of your journey. Along the way, feel free to say, Bounjour, Merci, Au revoir, and bonsoir. Wish I had known little more french but I did survive with only these.

Memorable experience

1. People watching while drinking espresso and chocolate croissant from a cafe

2. Walking along the Siene

3. Sparkly Eiffel tower at night

4. When I accidentally forgot to tighten the cap of my water bottle, which was inside my bag and the water started dripping out of my bag. Whoever saw me with that disgust look in the metro – I seriously did not peeeee.. It was my water bottle. I did try to take it out and show it to everybody, okay. Only time I miss not knowing French.

5. Markets

6. Baguettes

7. Wine

8. Crepe

9. Macaroons

10. Street performers – especially the one outside Muse d’Orsay

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