There is something about Greece..

I fell in love with Athens last year when I was there and had to go back again this year. There is something about Athens – the food, the people, the place or everything combined that I am in love with. It is an addictive place and I must say I will go back there again any day. Despite all the problems they are going through, I found the people to be most cheerful and helpful. Perhaps, it is the sunshine they get all the time. They do say Vitamin D helps.

My best friend joined for a week long Greek trip and we made a short trip to Santorini as well. No no — not for all those romantic thing it is popular for but because my friend is a die hard bollywood movie fan and she wanted to see couple of places where the movies were shot – espeically the white houses with blue dome roofs. Oh man…how wrong were we. Who knew there are only handful (perhaps 3 or 4) of those houses. Don’t get me wrong. Santorini is amazingly beautiful but it looked completely different than in movies. We should have known that. Greek trip was definitely adventurous. Here are few of our highlights

1. My friend spent two days in Paris and a week in Greek with me. Somehow it completely slipped her mind about the difference in temperature between Paris and Greece. So she bought 5 different winter outfits for Paris and none (I mean nothing) for Greece. Shopping in Athens for her stuff while still going around the city was fun. Ha ha

2. Our awesome host (room rented from AirBnb) who picked us up from the train station and fed us home cooked greek food along with wine on our arrival- Thank you so much!

3. Being at the Parthenon or seeing it at night from the Monastiraki square is breathtaking

4. $2 Gyros from the street and a beer – heaven

5. The little secret garden – Six Dogs cafe closer to Monastiraki square

6. Swimming in Amoudi Bay and red beach in Akrotiri

7. Walking around Fira and Oia

8. Walking up from Amoudi Bay to top (250 steps) while trying to avoid stepping on donkey poops

9. Searching for white houses with blue domes

10. Spent a night at the airport in Paris while coming to Athens and spent a night again at Athens airport on my way to Vienna. Airport sleepover is not that bad as long as there is McDonald’s. I think I appreciated that place more outside North America than here.

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