Romantic gothicy Prague

I knew I was in love with this city as soon as I got out of the train station. The walk from the train station to my place was beautiful. I just wandered around lugging my 12kg on my back. I did not even care if I was lost. I was in lost of words seeing the architecture. How can a city be this beautiful? Trip to Prague was a little of an accident. My plan was to go to Switzerland but one of my friend told me she could come visit me in Prague from London. Hence, I was there. I am so glad it did.

What’s in Prague?

1. The trian ride from Vienna to Prague went by pretty quickly. Met a guy from South Carolina on board. Whereever you are, thanks for keeping me company and hope you loved the city as much as I did.

2. Meeting up with my friend on this beautiful city added the excitement

3. Tip to the travellers – the astronimical clock in the old town performs its show only from 9 AM – 9 PM. Don’t be stupid like me and wait for it at the midnight. My stupid brain thought that something amazing with happen at the strike of the midnight. I had my camera ready. Ugghhhhh..the locals should have told me.

4. Old town square is absolutely stunning , especially at night – the lights coming out for each buildings, the fog and the gothic statues. It felt like the vampires will evade this square anytime. Guess vampires were busy with watching Breaking Dawn.

5. The walk up to the Prague castle was absolutely stunning. The view of the city from top there (red roofs, green pastures and river) was breathtaking. Seriously! We also made a trip to the Palace late at night and it definitely had a different character or itself.

6. The adventure of finding a czech restaurant to eat the pure ethnic food. Finally found it and had the best food ever. Oh, oh and their beers. Why it is so cheap and delicious. I was never a beer person but these trips are definitely making me one.

7. I was so impressed by the Use It map of Vienna, I had to make a trip to pick up the one for Prague when I found out they have one. Eva from Use-it was so sweet and gave me some useful advice.

8. Dancing House

9. Walk across Charles Bridge in early morning(quiet), mid afternoon(touristy – watch out for pick pocketters) and late at night(gothicy) had its own charm.

10. Listening to Jazz

11. John Lennon Wall

12. Preston Hill – Seriously, I was in Fall heaven. The colours, the view from top and everything around was amazing.

13. Took a train ride outside the city to go to National Technical Library – It was a true example of a mix of geekiness & art

14. Taste of snow when I was leaving Prague

15. One sad thing was that I found people very aethist. Everypart of the european countries I had been to, you are allowed to go to church without paying. But, the people here has made God’s home as a money making machine with shows on Oregan and what not. So you had to pay to get in.

16. Last but not the least, this place has museums for everything – museum of magical plant, museum of Barbie, museums of sex…what not. They are into getting money out of tourists.

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