Trekking – Checking off of my bucketlist

TrekkingI just came back from my month long trip to Nepal, my motherland. One of the main highlight of the trip was a 5 days trip of Ghorepani/Poonhill. This is one thing I have always wanted to do and have never done it. I used to be jealous with all the tourists who had gone to my country and had done it and me being from there had never experienced it. I must say, now that I have tried one, I will go back and do more.

Some highlights of my trip:

1. A good map is worth an investment. Don’t settle for a cheap one. If you are not taking a guide like we did :), it will come pretty handy.

2. Got to spend some quality time with my younger brother. 5 days of walking in the middle of nowhere with no one but each other, we had no choice but talk about everything. It was the best thing ever.


3. Running a good 2000 metre downhill on our first day thinking we are strong enough, ending up with painful knees for next few days and finally leading to not being able to bend our knees by the 5th day. Urrelli’s downhill for few hours on that 5th day was the painful thing ever.

4. Oh yes, getting a walking stick on Day 1 would have helped. Thank you to some nice village lady, who gave us walking sticks for free. You are an angel. Also, thank you to the cute French couple who gave us some painkillers. You guys rock!! Things to take on our next trip – ointment (Icy hot) and some pain killers.


5. Yummy food all throughout the trip.


6. Uhmm…getting diarrhea on my 1st day. Not sure if it was the tap water I drank or the moee (local yoghurt drink kind of a thing) made by a sweet old lady. Should have used the water purifier I was carrying but I was too lazy/tired to open my bag. Served me right; I suffered for few days.


7. It was spring time in Nepal and we got to see some beautiful forests & hills covered with rhododendron, Nepal’s national flower.


8. The day we hiked up to Poonhill to see the mountain range, we were fortunate enough to hear some beautiful songs sang by this Korean lady. I could not understand the language but her soothing voice in that cold foggy morning was perfect. Thanks for making my morning.


9. My brother had quite a few incidents. First of all, he slipped quite badly in an icy road. Second of all, he got bitten by ants which turned into infection. By the time we reached Kathmandu, his calves were the size of his thighs, all swollen up with puss coming out from everywhere. Sorry brother. You had to go through so much. Next time we are taking bug spray and you have to wear hiking shoes. Running shoes won’t do.


10. Best of all – Amazing views of mountains welcoming us every morning. It was definitely worth all the pain and sweat.


I learned a lot as a first time trekker. I know how to be prepared for my next trip now. This trip gave me a totally different taste of Nepal and made me appreciate my country even more.

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