Food Paradise

Nepal is a food haven. The country consist of more than 50 ethnic groups that have their own special food.

One of my goal of going home to Nepal after 3 years was to eat some food that I truely miss. It took me two cycles of diarrhea to cover most of them – SUCCESS! Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of all but here are few:

1. Chana Chatpat – A spicy snack that you can buy off of street vendors. It is usually served on some kind of paper (newspaper, old book papers) with a little square cardboard piece as a spoon. Not sure how hygenic they are but they are super tasty and super duper spicy. I had to chuck two bars of Dairy Milk chocolate after eating this.


2. Pani Poori & Dahi Poori – Another street food. This one was way better hygienewise as the person serving was wearing gloves.


3. Newari food & drinks – Traditional ethnic newari food that consist of woh (pancakes make of lentils), spicy potato salads & home made sweet white beer made of rice. These food are usually eaten with beaten rice called chyura.

IMG_2784 IMG_2791

4. C-Momo – Fried gyozas with sweet and spicy sauce. The sauce is what makes the momo delicious. I got to figure out how to make this sauce.


5. Bhogate Sandheko – This is usually prepared after Deepawali or Tihar in October, one of the biggest festival in Nepal. The main reason being that most of the fruits used are seasonal. Also, it is usually eaten in the afternoon on a rooftop soaking in the warm sunlight. Main ingrediant for this is bhogate called pomelo. You can put any other fruits such as bananas, oranges, apples etc. It is mixed with yogurt, salt, sugar and chilli pepper. Yes, I can make it here too but eating with family members adds that extra taste to it.


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