Signed up for a Triathlon

Not sure if I am crazy or something but I signed up for a triathlon few weeks ago and started training two weeks ago. I am not a super active person and this is something that is freaking me out. There are three reasons for signing up:

1. I am terrified of riding a bike. I am basically a parking lot, no cars or people kind of a bike rider. I am tired of making any more excuses for not being able to ride a bike. My dream is to one day travel to Cambodia/Vietnam, rent a moped and explore around. That obviously is not going to happen if I am terrified of any two wheelers. I realized if I don’t throw myself into something extreme without a deadline, I will never learn it.

2. Secondly, I can’t really swim. Well, I dont’ drown but I can’t do a front crawl and if I don’t see the bottom of the pool or ocean, I freeze. It’s been annoying traveling to all these amazing places and not being able to swim into the deep blue sea. I can only swim around the shallow area. And, I want to learn to surf one day. Don’t think that will miraculously happen, so thought I need to act on it.

3. Lastly, I am doing this event through Team In Training. An organization that raises money to support research for Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myelemo. I figured if I can do something that I fear the most to help support this wonderful orgazanization, it will give me an extra motivation. It will help me push that extra peddle in the bike, an extra stroke in the swimming and an extra step in running. Being originally from Nepal, I do hope that one day the cure for this cancer and any other cancers are easily available not only in developed countries but also in all the underdeveloped countries. And for that, we need to start somewhere!

I will keep you all posted with my training. For now, wish me luck!

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