Completed An Olympic Distance Triathlon – Bucket List Accomplished

The Proofs!
The Proofs!

Well, I did not really keep my promise of keeping you guys posted on my triathlon training. It required more than I thought it will. My training for last 15 weeks kept me really busy but I can happily say that I completed my first ever triathlon – 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run.


Even though training three times a week kept me busy, I loved every part of it. I met some wonderful people and really learned to push my body as well. I was still the slowest in swim and bike but no one ever made me feel so. Everyone (coach, mentors, other Team In Training) participants were very suportive.


I seriously thought I could never raise my minimum $1,900 but surprisingly all my family & friends network was super supportive and really helped me raise the fun. In addition, I did two fundraising event: Dinner at my place making some home made nepali dumplings called momo and a recycle depot bottle drive. Fighting with a homeless guy to claim my spot and another homeless guy donating his one bag of bottles during the bottle drive will forever be in my memory. I was able to raise $2,055.

Race Day:

I almost cried before the race when I realized it was that time and I cannot really turn back or run away as I have raised money for this and so many people know about it. The water looked really scary in that cold drizzly morning. But, once I got in, I felt calm and knew I could do it. I literally did a happy dance after I completed the swim. My total time for the triathlon was 3 hours 29 minutes.

This has been a very memorable journey. And I could not have done with without the support of my family, friends, donors, coaches, mentors and other TNT participants. Now, it looks like I might do more triathlon — its FUN!

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