Fun Long Run!

I consider anything above 5 miles a long run. This past Saturday I did 9 miles run all the way to downtown. I am training for a marathon this Summer/Fall–– kind of sort of. I did one two years ago with maybe 4-5 weeks of training and completed it in 5:22. It was long, hard and painful.

I was going through some of my notes from January and realized that I wrote completing a marathon as one of my goal for this year. Not sure why I wrote it. I had totally forgotten about it (Sign of old age!). So, I figured if it is written, I need to do it.

Originally, I planned to do a full 16 weeks training but considering that it was already mid-August, it would take me all the way to December. That month just sounds too far, too long, too cold, and too dark (I know too many toos here). Plus, I really don’t have patience. My attention span is very short and anything that far is very far. So, I decided to train for 12 weeks. That means I can participate in one of the ones happening in November. Not sure which one or where yet. Will figure it out this  month.

When I woke up this past Saturday, it was raining really hard. The rain was back in Vancouver after a pretty dry summer–yes! But, that means either I will have to run in the rain and get totally drenched (not very appealing) or run on the treadmill (not appealing at all). As I was contemplating whether to go or not and checking the weather report, the rain slowed down. So, I just tied my running shoes and left the house.

It was a perfect day for running with winds blowing really hard–quiet streets and no sweats.

Took some pictures along the way of sites that I had not noticed before.

Cute Italian grocery store on a quiet street.
That is a pretty cool piece of art, no?

I saw few broken branches along the way, jumped and continued running. Made it all the way to English Bay. The sky was dark and gloomy, the ocean seemed a little bit mad with tides rising higher and there were fewer people on the beach.

I was happy for finishing my run and loved the quiet scenery. Grabbed a cup of latte from a cafe close by and enjoyed the decaffeinated fix for the morning.

I decided to take a bus on my way back. Definitely, not walking another 9 miles back.

As soon as I got on the bus, I was delighted to get a seat. My legs were happy to get some rest. Then, when the buy was a quarter way to my destination, a group of old people got on. Why o’ why? There were no seats in the bus. I was thinking of getting up to offer my space, but my legs would not let me. I knew I was going to hell at that moment. Forgive me, old people. Eventually, some good samaritans did offer them seats. It was a great relief.

Halfway to my destination, it took more old people. Not sure why the bus was taking so many old people that day. Maybe they were all going to some convention. This time, I decided to get up and offer my seat. My conscious was happy, but my legs were not. Next time, I might as well just stand all the way and not spoil my legs.

When I got home, there was no electricity. That will be another blog of our life without electricity for 16 hours. I quickly checked my phone for the news and realized there was a strong storm warning and people were advised to stay home unless there was an emergency. There have been incidents with broken down tree branches on the streets/sidewalk, no traffic lights and so on.

Ooops, no wonder there were so few people on my way to downtown and I did jump some tree branches. Maybe if I had read the news before my run, I would not have gone outside. I was so glad, I didn’t.

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