Yoga’ing in Nepal

Ever since I have returned back to Nepal, I have been looking for a Yoga studio. You would think there will be one every corner because of so many people coming to this region of the world to learn Yoga. Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful. I found few—some did not meet my schedule, some too far, and some ran by foreigners with exorbitant prices. I was hoping to find a local instructor with a decent price. I was not willing to pay more than what I paid in Vancouver. I miss Groupon, seriously.

Eventually, I decided to try Baba Ramdev Yoga. It is quite popular here in Nepal, and people, like my parents, strongly believes in it. They have not lost weight or reduced their belly circumference, but they believe that his yoga has helped them with many health issues.

He has an early morning daily show on TV, but it was too early for me. Fortunately, I found his videos in YouTube, which also included daily yoga practices. I figured I will start with his Sunday’s video. The video started well with 20 minutes of breathing exercises followed by another 20 minutes of stretching. I thought I got the routine down. Then, all of a sudden he jumped into his feet and got into quite a hard asana (yoga pose). It included standing on your hand and then walking. Oh man, are you kidding! I thought his yoga is for everyone. I stared at the video with shock. No way I was standing or walking with my hand.

Later, I found out that Sunday video is actually the end of the week video, and his video series started with Monday video. I thought about giving up, but I decided to give one more chance to Baba. So far I have tried Monday and Tuesdays videos, and it has been good so far. There are a lot of breathing and stretching routines.

My plan is to go through the whole week of his video series and decide whether  to continue it or not. Plus point is that it is free and I can do it in the comfort of my home. I will keep you guys posted. I am still dreading with the Sunday video, though. There is no way I will be able to walk on my hand in a week.

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