Sexual assault on public transportation

I think some old guy got an orgasm today.

Okay, maybe not exactly but it might have been close. Sorry, didn’t want to start this blog with an opening sentence like that, and I am definitely not trying to turn my blog into some adult sites. Here is more to the story.

I prefer public transportation any day to driving because

  1. they are, obviously, convenient (no hassle of parking or driving)
  2. I am trying to do my part in reducing CO2 emissions as best as I can
  3. it is way cheaper than driving or taking a cab
  4. it makes me walk more (an exercise in disguise)

Riding a public transportation in Kathmandu is a hit or a miss, though. If you are lucky, you might get a seat. Otherwise, you are squeezed like a lemon in a super packed bus.


Public buses in Nepal
This is a situation inside the bus with seriously no room for anything. Well, except to take a quick snap of it.


With a continuous fuel crisis in Nepal (Come on government, it has been more than 6 months now!!!), the frequency of buses has been less frequent and more crowded.


Nope, not a parrallel parking. This is a queue for petrol. 


Public transportation in Nepal
Situation of public buses lately

Today was not so lucky day for me. It was super crowded. I was trapped between men all around me with hardly any place to breathe. I had a second thought of getting off the bus and taking a cab. But, then I realized that so many girls and women have to take this ride everyday. If they can survive, I should be as well.

After about 20 minutes of being crushed, I felt something pressed behind me. At first I thought it was probably someone’s bag or an umbrella. After a few minutes, it dawned to me what it could be. Seriously! What the heck!!! I turned around, gave that old guy a hard look and pushed him away. With every jolt of the bus, he would come closer again. Finally, I screamed at him to back off and gave him an elbow. Luckily, someone got off and I was able to turn to a different direction and put my bag in between us.

I have heard of stories but never thought I would experience it. Finally, after 45 minutes of being in the bus, I got off at my station. Phew!! I was in total shock. Was I suppose to scream and create a scene? I could have but that jerk would have totally denied it. And, I had nothing to prove about it.

The thing is, I can take a taxi or drive to get to my destination from next time. I have a choice. But, so many other girls and women do not have a choice. They have to take these transportation everyday. What about them? Why can’t government provide a better public transportation? If Kathmandu’s public transportation was any better, I would think more people would opt for it instead of driving. This could help with the unimaginable web of traffic in the city and decrease the pollution.

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