The Rain.

After living through rain in Vancouver for 5 years, I have become pretty indifferent with this course of mother nature. I used to love it when I first moved there. Then got pretty tired of it when I realized it does not really leave you alone for the rest of the year (except for the summer).

But, rain in Nepal is different. It is a sign of a change of a season.

Rain Mangalbazaar
Raining in Mangalbazaar (Patan Durbar Square)

Hearing a rain drop now means the winter is about to pack its belongings and make room for the spring.

Sign of spring
I thought these trees are cherry blossom but found out later that they are peach trees. In any case, they are beautiful.

It means the sun tanning season is almost over.  The temperature in the valley usually varies from 0-5 degree Celsius in the morning and evening and 12 – 20 degree Celsius in the afternoon. You will see pretty much everyone basking in the sun during winter. This is the time when us Nepali get some tan.

Sun tanning
An old guy basking under the sun and dozing off

Looking forward to this new season and bidding farewell to the Winter until next time.

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