Let’s Run!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, a 5K fun run was organized in Kathmandu on March 5, 2016. It was a well-organized event with marked routes, volunteers standing at every corner to give direction or help cross the streets, and plenty of water at the fueling stations. Once the finish line was crossed, participants were also given plenty of snacks (bananas, homemade cookies, and water) to replenish their energy. The event ended with a guest appearance from our famous Mira Rai, international trail runner, and a little bit of Zumba to stretch those tired muscles.

Hats off to organizers (CCNN, Higher Ground Nepal, Women LEAD Nepal, and Ujyalo Foundation) for organizing such a successful event.

Kathmandu Fun Run
Waking up those muscles before the race
Kathmandu Fun Run
Starting line. Yup, we are all ready!
The route
Kathmandu Fun Run
Dressed in style
Kathmandu Fun Run
The winners for best-dressed runners
Finisher snacks–very yummy!
Kathmandu Fun Run
Girl Education = Girl Power!
Kathmandu Fun Run
Mira Rai is way up there on the stage. Can you see?
Kathmandu Fun Run
A little bit of Zumba for the life!

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