Let’s Run!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, a 5K fun run was organized in Kathmandu on March 5, 2016. It was a well-organized event with marked routes, volunteers standing at every corner to give direction or help cross the streets, and plenty of water at the fueling stations. Once the finish line was crossed, participants were also … More Let’s Run!

Yoga’ing in Nepal

Ever since I have returned back to Nepal, I have been looking for a Yoga studio. You would think there will be one every corner because of so many people coming to this region of the world to learn Yoga. Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful. I found few—some did not meet my schedule, some too … More Yoga’ing in Nepal

26.2 miles!

My first marathon was few years ago. I finished the race in 5 hours 20 mins. My goal was 4 hours 30 mins. Yup, nowhere closer to my goal. This year I was motivated to train again. I created a rough 12-weeks training plan so that I can participate in one of the races in early … More 26.2 miles!

Fun Long Run!

I consider anything above 5 miles a long run. This past Saturday I did 9 miles run all the way to downtown. I am training for a marathon this Summer/Fall–– kind of sort of. I did one two years ago with maybe 4-5 weeks of training and completed it in 5:22. It was long, hard … More Fun Long Run!

Fear of…

Do you have a fear of water? I mean fear of swimming in the great wide ocean. I do! Actually I have a fear of balancing my body anywhere but on the ground. Be on a bicycle, snowboard, skis, rollerblades, surfing and of course swimming. Stories of my life! I have tried everything and I … More Fear of…

Fall Fall Fall

Three things I have learned about myself in the last few months: I don’t really workout, if I don’t sign-up to any event I do am getting little bit addicted to participating in running events I love to eat and have not really moved an inch since my Triathlon in September Therefore, I have signed … More Fall Fall Fall

Completed An Olympic Distance Triathlon – Bucket List Accomplished

Well, I did not really keep my promise of keeping you guys posted on my triathlon training. It required more than I thought it will. My training for last 15 weeks kept me really busy but I can happily say that I completed my first ever triathlon – 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run. Training: … More Completed An Olympic Distance Triathlon – Bucket List Accomplished