Ciao Roma

“Under the Tuscan Sun,” “When in Rome,” “Italian Job” and so on. I know, I know, the first two movies are little sappy ┬ábut the way Italy is portrayed in those movies is beautiful. Italy was always a part of my list. Everything about it sounded wonderful. Florence, Venice, Tuscany, Verona, Naples, Rome — I … More Ciao Roma

Ya ssou

Greece was never a part of my Europe trip until few years ago when I watched Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. The place where the movie was filmed was beautiful and exotic. I just got hooked and I knew I wanted to go to Santorini one day. The country turned out to be the best among … More Ya ssou


Why did I choose Spain? Because I fell in love with the language. It is just beautiful. No, I don’t understand the language. I did try to learn it but I am still in “Hola, como esta?” stage. I have not really improved from there. One goal I did bring back from my trip or … More Hola’

Bucket List

There were two things in my bucket list that I have been wanting to do for a while. Backpacking alone and exploring Europe. I have admired backpackers who travels alone and live off their little backpacks. And, exploring Europe. From movies to documenteries to stories that I have watched and heard, I have been wanting … More Bucket List